Theses 10 things you must know about Rhea Chakrborty

After Sushant singh Rajput’s death Rhea Chakraborty came in focus of public attention. She became most controversial topic in India. Before this only few peolpe may know her.

Rhea Chakraborty is now became trending topic until Sushant Singh Rajput’s case get closed.

Here are 10 Unexpected things you may know about Rhea Chakraborty.

  1. Rhea Chakraborty is one who born in Banglore, Karnataka but in Bengali family.
  2. Rhea’s father was working in Army. So that she did her education in Army school of Ambala.
  3. Her career was started in “TVS scooty teen Diva” which is MTV’s television show in 2009.
  4. With the Telugu film “Tuneega Tuneega” she did debut in 2012 as a character of Nidhi.
  5. After that She did her debut in Bollywood film “Mere dad ki Maruti” in 2013, In 2014 she did Sonali’s role in Sonali cable.
  6. After the Death of Sushant singh Rajput she accepted that she was girlfriend of the Sushant, before death she did not reveled.
  7. She also did audition for Band baja barat, but unfortunately she got rejected.
  8. Trollers trolled her when her bold photos with Mahesh bhatt got viral.
  9. Sushant and Rhea wanted get married, and looking for property to buy together
  10. Sushant has started a company with Rhea and her brother and ownership of this company was on Rhea’s fathers name.

Here are some facts about Rhea chakraborty that you may not know about her.

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